Scope of Work

The focus of services of Attorneys-at-Law Iris and Velimir Šoštarić is primarily the provision of legal assistance in the field of the law of obligations, family law, land registration and real property law, labour law, administrative law, commercial law, criminal law for legal and natural persons.

Such services include providing legal counselling, representing clients before courts administrative agencies and other tribunals, drafting legal documents (agreements, statements etc.).

In cooperation with certified auditors, expert witnesses and financial and accounting experts, we participate in the process of investigation of companies from commercial, financial and legal point of view (due diligence).

Fields of Law

Law of Contracts, Debt Collection, Family and Labour law
  • drafting of contracts of all kinds, (e.g. partnership agreements, construction agreements, purchase and sale contracts, donation agreements, leases, agreements on lifetime support and support until death, work contracts, managers' agreements, piece work agreements etc.)
  • legal counselling and representation of legal and natural persons in court and administrative proceedings in order to exercise their rights from obligations and family relations (e.g. damages, exercise of ownership rights, the exercise of succession rights, debt collection -enforcement-, divorce, establishment or challenge of paternity i.e. maternity, child support and personal relationships between parents and children, etc.), and labour relations
Commercial Law
  • any and all legal services in the process of incorporation (limited liability companies, joint stock companies, etc.); mergers and acquisitions of companies, establishing associations and crafts and registration of changes in the Register of Companies;
  • drafting of commercial contracts;
  • representation in bankruptcy procedures
  • representation in all kinds of court and administrative proceedings for legal persons and crafts
  • counselling related to legal transactions of corporations and crafts

Land Registration and Property Law
  • consulting related to legal issues concerning real property.
  • drafting of preliminary contracts and purchase and sale contracts in purchase of real property;
  • conducting the process of registration of title; agreements between co-owners, hypothecation and other encumbrances in Land register and Cadastral register
Administrative law
  • legal counselling and representation of legal and natural persons in administrative proceedings (e.g. legalization of the buildings, in building process etc.)
Criminal Law, Misdemeanour Law
  • representation in criminal proceedings and misdemeanour proceedings